The Repeater is a place to talk about music. 

There are a lot of great websites about music. Most of them offer reviews or news or interviews. A lot of them are run by editors, journalists, and critics. Many of them don’t use Oxford commas. Some of them give numerical scores. That’s all good and well, but that’s not this. The Repeater is a place where musicians can talk about music.


A trail of digital breadcrumbs.

The information age has given us live streams and MP3s, but there’s something missing in those strings of data. We like liner notes, long stories, and winding paths. We like learning about new music through music we already like. The Repeater is a place to do that, digitally.


Lots of reasons.

These days, website traffic and ad revenue dictate a lot of the content we see, and when. Forget all that stuff. Let’s just read what other artists have to say about the music that inspires them. Sound good? Welcome to The Repeater.